1. Shri P. Stobdan , Joint Director. ARC, Charbatia .


2. Sh. H.P.Sahu, Assistant Director(Admn.) ARC, Charbatia.

a) Two eminent Educationists

3. Sh.S.K.Dash,Principal, Institute of Textile Technology, Choudwar.
4. Dr.Suresh Chandra Kar, Principal, G I Junior College , Sankarpur, cuttack.

b) An eminent person of the area known for outstanding work in the field of Culture


c) Two parents of the children studying inthe KV to be nominated by the Chairman,VMC on the recom-mendation of thePrincipal, one of whom should be a lady.The term of these members will be one
year(with address).

 6. Sh S K Kanungo, F/o Mst. Soubhagya Kanungo, class IX.KV ARC Charbatia 
7. Smt. Smitarani Mohanty, 

d) An eminent Medical Doctor of the area

8.Dr. A.K. Mohapatra,SMO, ARC Hospital , Charbatia.

e) A representative of SC/ST belonging to Class I services if available if not a Member
of minority community.


9. Sh. B.C. Sethi, Joint Deputy Director (L) , ARC,Charbatia.

f) A teacher representative

10. Ms.Meenakshi Singh, TGT, KV, ARC, Charbatia.

g) Principal of the KV-Member Secretary

11.Sh. M K Kumawat, Principal, KV, Charbatia

h) Co-opted Member

12.Sh.N.Behera, Wing Commander, ARC ,Charbatia.

I) Chairman, CGWCC

J) Technical Member

13. Ms. Paramita Tripathy, Commissioner of Income Tax(Appeals), Cuttack Division

14. Sh. B K Behera, Assistant  Engineer.ARC  Charbatia, Cuttack