Oh tsunami! Oh tsunami
You came and went in just 2 days
But made us it to feel till today till today
The palatable curry that you prepared
In just two days ,eating it reminds us about
Your bitterness still today, still today

Oh Tsunami! Oh Tsunami the trembles
That you brought jolted the whole
World in such a way that I still
Cannot forget you in any way.

Your love for us changed into hatred
And that is why our respect turned
To disapprove.

Oh Tsunami! Oh Tsunami!
Please leave us alone
We do not want to taste
Your bitterness any more.

Oh Tsunami! Oh Tsunami!
You made us to feel your
Presence in such a harsh
Way that even as God the
Living world will never
Ever forgive you.

By Anjana Barik, XA


When I was small
I liked to crawl,
Always I played with balls
And have so many dolls,
Then I started to walk
And learned to talk,
Many thoughts come in my mind,
They were of different kind
But now I am of sixteen,
The realities of life I can see,
A heavy burden is on my shoulders,
I march forward like a soldier;
Those toys have gone,
those dolls are lost,
For my future I am worried,
My childhood toys are now buried
But all my complaints are in vain,
As my childhood days will never return.

Bristy Ganguly, XB


We are vagabonds, here we come
From each corner of a village to different cities
We are vagabonds who move around
Like the birds in the sky
And the lions in the forest
We are daring speakers who
Sings whenever we feel like it
We can bring sorrow to you
Or tear in your eyes
Urge you to follow your destiny
Or add a lustre to your life.
We are the vagabonds roaming from here and there.
People say we are the poor unlucky creatures
Won’t they understand our importance?

We are the vagabonds ,who love to travel
From dawn to dusk in thoughts and on land
Revere us or rebuke
We don’t care

We are the vagabonds found everywhere
We are the wild flowers
We are the water ripples which intend to
Consume in deep thoughts
You may come to us, whenever you like
For we are pure love
Existing in your mother land.

We are the vagabonds hear us today
For, we carry the customs
Free from any trouble.
You may have seen us in festive seasons
Or, special occasions.
For we are
the special wandering vagabonds .

Arti Kumari, X-B


The city has streets
But the country has roads,
In the country one meets
Blue carts with their loads

Of sweet-smelling hay,
And melons and grain;
Oh! Take me away
To the country again!

In the city, one sees
Big trams rattle by
And the breath of the chimneys
that blot out the sky,

And all down the pavements
Stiff lamps-post cries sees-
But the country has hedge rows,
The country has tall trees.

As warm as the sun
Is the country’s rain
Oh! Take me away
To the country again!

My feelings

Thousands of friends
May not be enough to
Share my secrets.
But only one can
Share my secrets
Thousands of flowers
May not be enough to
Decorate a bridge
But a few can
Decorate a dead body
Thousands of pleasures
May not be enough to
Forget a sorrow
But a sorrow can make me
Cry all my life

Name- Manaswani Nayak

My Aim

After my study
I want to be a doctor
To treat everybody in same manner
After my study
I want be a social worker
To help the poor and needy in same manner
After my study
I want to be a teacher
To pass my knowledge to our country’s future
After my study
I want be a soldier
To save my motherland from others.
I want be
Socrates and napoleon
To create an era
Among the god’s of creation
Aim is aim
But I want to be good in all work
By which I can bring
My country to light from dark.


Air is present everywhere,
But we cannot see it anywhere.
When it blows we feel free,
Sometimes in the park and sometimes under the tree.
We are polluting the air it is not fare,
We cannot pollute it if we give a little care.
Plant more trees,
And get cool breeze,
Which will make you feel happy and freeze.

Ananya D. Rout
Class VII B


Water,Water Water,
You are important in our life theatre.
You are the shelter for fish,
Whom we eat with great relish.
You flow like a endless line,
And we drinks you after purifying and refine.
Water is our life that we say ,
But we are polluting it day by day.
Let’s save the water by trying,
But we won’t waste our future by crying and crying.

Ananya D. Rout

Class VII B

Divine relationship

My relationship with my parents,
Is just like “Srabankumar with his parents”.
My relationship with my sister,
Is just like a “kalia with subhadra”.
My relationship with my teachers,
Is just like a “Ekalavya with Dronacharya”.
My relationship with my friends,
Is just like “Krishna with sudama”.
My relationship with god
Is just like”lamps and wick”

Vivek Chowrasia

Laugh till you Drop

  • 1st Scientist= The enemies of our country are very kind.
    2nd Scientist= How?
    1st Scientist= They have prepared non- polluting nuclear bomb for us.
  • First man = Oh! God, give me a room full of diamonds.
    Second man= Give me a room full of gold, Oh! God.
    Third= Oh! God, please give me the keys of those rooms.
  • A priest= I pray for all.
    A lawyer= I plead for all.
    A doctor= I prescribe for all.
    An ordinary citizen= I pay for all.


Listen the music of nature
It gives much pleasure
It drops mental pressure
Let’s go deep into the music
And feel the music
It’s a kind of logic
Record the music in your heart
It is a life’s part
It is a kind of art
It gives peace to the mind
Music is gift of God
Let it enter to blood
And will cause flood of love.

Nikita singh

Teacher’s Role

Teachers are day to us
Teachers are night to us
Teachers are like Gods and Goddesses to us
Teachers are like father and mother,
They have come from heaven to guide us,
Teachers show the path to success,
Teachers love us like their own children
They always remind us of our duty
We can’t say how great they are for us.

Pratiksha Rout